Fiat On-Ramp

The Enzyme Onramper feature allows Enzyme users to buy crypto natively in-app, with support for more than 180 countries and over 95 fiat currencies.

How does it work?

Onramper has built intelligent order-routing engines to increase the success-rates of transactions by recommending the best route that is most likely to result in a successful transaction.

Onramper supports the following on-ramp providers:

  • MoonPay

  • Wyre

  • Xanpool

  • Mercuryo

  • Indacoin

  • Coinify


  • Transak

  • Itez

The best conversation rate will be automatically selected, however, you can opt for any alternate provider.

How to buy crypto on Enzyme?

  1. Click your wallet in the top menu.

  2. From the “Manage Connected Wallet” menu, select “Buy crypto”.

  3. Insert the amount you want to buy (eg. $100).

  4. Select the token you’d like to buy (eg. ETH).

  5. Select your preferred payment method (Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay).

  6. The “Best Rate” will be automatically selected for you.

  7. Click “Buy”.

After your purchase is complete, your new funds will be available in your wallet (eg. MetaMask). You will then need to deposit your funds in a vault, or simply hold them in your wallet.


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