Enzyme Governance

Enzyme is one of the oldest protocols on mainnet, with a track record of over six years. Originally developed for replicating fund management practices on chain whilst removing intermediaries, the protocol has evolved considerably and can now be described as a protocol providing digital asset management infrastructure for fund managers, allocators and builders.

We have a variety of users, ranging from liquid staking protocols accelerating their projects through our vault structures to capture deposits, fund managers building regulated services on our infrastructure and blockchain banks building products for their customers with enzyme at their core.

Enzyme’s use cases are continually evolving and our governance structure reflects this evolution where we have a framework of two committees tasked with building and maintaining enzyme. Our strategy & operations committee focuses on direction as the market evolves and our technical committee ensures that the protocol remains robust and secure through specific technical expertise and audits.

Over time we are looking to expand enzyme’s ecosystem and community participants and we have a grant framework in place for this purpose. If you would like to find out more and explore how your project could be supported, more details can be found here.

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