Gas Relayer

Enabling the gas relayer allows your vault to pay for the gas of certain transactions. You may only hold up to 0.2 ETH in the Gas relayer.

When disabling the gas relayer, the funds held by the gas relayer will return to the vault.

Auto Buyback Protocol Shares

This option enables you to claim your protocol fee discount in an automated fashion. See Enzyme Protocol Fee section for more details about how the fee is applied.

Obtaining access to the protocol requires MLN vouchers to be submitted to the value of 25bps of your AUM usage. If MLN token is not used to access the protocol, a penalty is applied and a total of 50bps will be applied by inflating your vault shares.

Inflated vault shares and MLN collected are unlikely to offer any value to the MLN token given that inflation is likely to exceed the amount burnt for many years to come.

By enabling the Auto Buyback Protocol Shares option your vault can take advantage of paying the lower rate of 25 bps all in one transaction.

You’ll need to have $MLN available in your vault to atomically buy back the full amount of protocol fee shares collected during deposits and shares redemption actions.

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