Vault Types

In this release, we have introduced different vault types, with different preset policies to reflect the varying levels of trust that exist or are perceived between the manager and investors.

Different vaults are created for different purposes with different trust relationships, thus we have pre-configured policies to easily create vaults without going through each individual policy.

Public Vault

In this vault, trust does not necessarly need to exist between Depositors and the Vault Owner. You are known by your depositors but not necessarly vice versa.

Private Vault

This is a vault with full trust, where Depositors trust the Vault Owner and vice versa. Typically there will be an "allowed depositor" list on this type of vault, possibly a KYC and likely some legal documents to define the relationship.

Hybrid Vault

This vault requires Depositors to trust in the Vault Owner. Usually, this will be a known party and legal documents might be involved.

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