Signaling an Upgrade

Enzyme is constantly evolving. The range of tools available for asset management in decentralised finance continues to grow at an significant rate.

At every upgrade cycle, Vault Managers will have the ability to signal an opt-in upgrade to Enzyme's latest release contracts.

From the point a Vault Manager signals an upgrade, depositors have 7 days to review the proposed upgrade and configuration before the manager can finalise it. During that period, no new subscriptions are allowed but depositors have the option to opt-out by redeeming their shares.

During the upgrade, all fees are paid out to Vault Manager and HWM is reset to the initial GAV after the upgrade.

IMPORTANT: Please note that whilst users are never forced into an upgrade, only the latest release of Enzyme will be actively maintained. If you want to access the latest features and bug fixes it is advised to upgrade to the latest version of the protocol as indicated by the Enzyme Council. Currently, this is v4.

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