Enzyme is delighted to present Aura Finance, an innovative platform designed to enhance the rewards experience for Balancer liquidity providers. By staking their BPT tokens on Aura, users can unlock additional yield opportunities, elevating their investment potential while engaging with a cutting-edge DeFi solution. Experience the transformative power of Aura Finance and propel your Balancer portfolio to new heights. Aura Finance is a protocol built on the Balancer system, designed to maximize incentives for Balancer liquidity providers and BAL stakers (veBAL) through the social aggregation of BAL deposits and its native token, AURA.\

How To Stake BPT?

You can either stake your BPT or directly deposit the underlying assets of the Balancer Pool.

How to Claim Rewards?

1. In your left-hand vault menu, go to “DeFi Protocols” and select Aura.

2. Click on the Claim button on the position you wish to claim rewards.

You must add BAL to your vault's tracked assets for performance attribution purposes.

Aura can be claimed but can't be added to your vault's tracked assets. Once claimed, we recommend that you sell them for a tracked asset through the Swap interface.

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