Strategies & Integrations
A vault on Enzyme can help you easily interact with some or all of the following activities to build investment strategies.
  • Yield farming
  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Synthetic assets & Derivatives
  • Swapping assets on DEX's
  • AMM pools
  • Programmable risk management
  • Bots
A list of the integrations that we support today and will support soon:
Available today:
  • AAVE (lending, farming AAVE)
  • Compound (borrowing, lending, farming COMP)
  • Curve pools (trading, LP pools, staking, farming CRV, etc)
  • Idle strategies (LP tokens, farming IDLE)
  • Yearn vaults
  • Uniswap v2 (trading, pools)
  • Uniswap v3 (trading, pools)
  • Kyber Network (trading)
  • Paraswap (trading)
  • 0x project (trading)
In progress:
  • Pooltogether
  • BadgerDAO
  • Olympus OHM staking
  • Convex
  • Orion
  • Balancer
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